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Vaccinations - Updated 2017

Years 7, 8, 11 & 12
Please find attached an updated Vaccination Schedule for the remainder of 2017. Year 11 and 12 students who were absent from school last Friday or who had yet to return their consent forms, will receive their meningococcal vaccinations at the next scheduled clinic on July 24th. Contact Dave Merrick for any concerns.


Student Performance Review Evenings

Please see below for our upcoming Student Performance Review evenings. An email has been sent out to give the booking code to book your review times with relevant teachers. Please check your emails.
Years 7 & 9 - 25/7/17
Time: 3:30 to 7pm

Turramurra World Challenge Expedition to Vietnam & Cambodia! Years 9 & 10 - Information Evening

Dear Parent / Guardian of Years 9& 10 Students,
Turramurra High School are delighted to announce that we are launching another very exciting program which offers students the opportunity to plan, fund and ultimately lead their own expedition to Vietnam & Cambodia in January 2019.  The expedition has a focus on community project work in the developing world where they will work alongside a local community and undertake sustainable and meaningful projects .....................
Information evening - Tuesday 25/7/17, 7pm

Please download the attached document for all the information.

Take a look at the YouTube clip:



Photo of the Month Competition

June 2017 Theme was: Vivid
Winners announced:
Winner -  Fraser D (Yr 10)
Highly Commended - Jack B (Yr 7) & Ms Andrews (Teacher)
Congratulations to the above winners and all who participated. You can see other entries by clicking here.

July 2017 Theme : Yellow - entries close 22/7/17

Please submit photographs to Ms. Rossi at

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Congratulations to our Debating Teams

The year 10 debating team have been successful in winning all 3 of their Premier's debating challenge debates. This is a wonderful achievement for the team who have been working hard all year. They will now go on to compete at the zone semi finals in the first week of term 3. The team:

Year 10
Ella A
Tash L
Charlotte M
Elizabeth M
Tara V

Also the year 9 team won two out of three of their debates and are shaping up to be a fantastic team in the future. That team:
Year 9
Olivia H
Sophie R
Amy R
Joel S

Mission Australia Youth Survey

Good afternoon parents of Year 9 - 12 students,

Turramurra High School students, aged between 15-19, have the opportunity to participate in the annual Mission Australia Youth Survey for 2017. The survey seeks to obtain socio-demographic information and investigate some of the social inclusion/exclusion dimensions from the perspective of young people. This can be a valuable opportunity for students to contribute to research and data that can inform the development of tailored health and wellbeing programs.

The electronic link to the survey can be found via: . When completing the survey, please enter Turramurra High School's Unique Code: 23369

Please download the attached parent letter and consent form ( as per the requirements of Mission Australia ). Please have students return consent forms to Mr Merrick in Weeks 1 and 2 of Term 3.

About Mission Australia
Mission Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation that works to help create a fairer Australia. Part of our work is helping to create pathways through a successful youth and in 2015-16 we helped over 7,000 young people through our youth programs and services.

About the survey
Mission Australia has conducted the Youth Survey with young people around Australia every year since 2002. It has grown significantly over the past decade, and over the years it has asked thousands of young people to share their concerns, values and thoughts about the future. In 2017, the survey is focussed on issues of social inclusion/exclusion from the perspective of young people aged 15 to 19 years, including participation in education and employment, family and social support, values and concerns, sources of support, and community participation.

How the survey information is used
The information gathered will be used to produce a report which is distributed widely each year to schools, community organisations and policy makers. Each year Mission Australia’s Youth Survey receives a high level of media interest and is a key resource document for policymakers, having been referenced both in academic research and government discussion and policy papers related to youth. It is used as a resource across all levels of government, as well as by NGOs and youth organisations, schools, communities and parents.

Department approval
The survey has undergone appropriate ethical review. The NSW Department of Education has given approval to conduct this research in schools.

Key dates
The closing date for responses is Monday 31st July 2017. A full report of the findings will be released later this year.

Dave Merrick
Head Teacher - Welfare


THS Gifted & Talented Testing

Academic Gifted and Talented Student Placement 2018 please click here to find out all the information and updates.

Year 12 - Whats Happening

HSC Trials Timetable 28/7 to 14/8/17 (pdf)
Formal - 13/9/17
HSC - 16/10 to 10/11/17
Graduation Evening - 20/9/17
Farewell Assembly - 21/9/17
Clearance Day 1 - tbc
Clearance Day 2 - tbc
HSC Results released - 14/12/17

THS P&C - Next Meeting is 16/8/17

Special Guests:

Kath & Kim (parents) talk about the possibility project, and their recent trip to India (move to August Meeting)

When: Every 3rd Wednesday of the month
Where: A Block - Staff Common Room
Time: 7:30pm - pls note new starting time for meetings

Agenda - tbc

To find out more about the THS P&C, please click here:

Link to our P&C Facebook page, please click here:

P&C Working Bees

This is a great opportunity to meet other parents and in turn contribute to the ongoing improvements to the school grounds.
Click on this link to sign up - Sign-me-up

Working Bee Dates to put in your diary:
Sunday 20/8/17
Sunday 12/11/17


Principal's Blog - June 2017

Living with uncertainty and finding self-compassion…There is a lot to said about the increasing levels of anxiety that I have noted in my previous blogs and the level of uncertainty that we are forced to live with in a world where the media and society dictates expectations that may actually be unrealistic, or at least are a false representation of reality in terms of what the individual might need.
Want to read more CLICK HERE

THS Celebrating 50 Years of Education

2017 is Turramurra High School's 50th Anniversary. Help us celebrate this wonderful milestone. We would love to hear from you. Fill in our 50th Anniversary Alumni Questionnaire or go to Alumni Register or Email Nahid: Take a look at our Galleries to see if you are there?? Photos being added weekly.

Dates to save - Back to THS Tuesday 19/9/17 (day event), 50th Anniversary Celebration Friday 24/11/17 (evening event) 

THS Wellbeing - Instagram
Turramurra HS has created a wellbeing focused Instagram page. 
The page name is @thswellbeing
The page will be dedicated to posting messages promoting positive physical and emotional health and self care. 
We look forward to sharing positive messages with our community. 
Lockers now available for hire

We are pleased to announce that the lockers are now available for hire.
Dimensions and costs are:
Large Lockers - $40/year - 180 units H:420mm W:295mm D:340mm
Small Lockers - $30/year -  60 units H:140mm W:375mm D:420mm
great for student devices

The process for locker request is:
1. Ctl-click on the link below and complete the online form - entries will be dated and timed - one student per locker.
2. Next week, we will email parents with the details of the payment processes based on selected options.

Included in that email will be a locker charter to be signed by parents and students. This will outline the expectations of locker ownership, including keeping them clean during term, ensuring that all food is removed at the end of each week and for school holidays, and expected behaviour when accessing lockers.

The charter will also include an assurance that keys will not be copied. This is to ensure security of locker contents from year to year.

3. Keys will be issued to students in week 8 once payment and the signed charter have been received.

Click on download for the Locker Charter



Office of ESafety / Online Safety / Bullying / Digital Thumbprint

The information attached is to provide you with some resources that you can access to support your young person in being a responsible digital citizen. It will also outline initiatives being undertaken at Turramurra High School to educate students about acting safely and responsibly in the online environment.

To find out more please download the attached document below or click on the link below.

Office of Children's eSafety Commissioner


UAC 2020

The "UAC University Entry Requirements for 2020" is for Year 10 students and their parents. It contains valuable information on career interest areas and what would be good HSC subjects to study to help you move forward onto that pathway. It also contains information as to whether particular university degrees have pre-requisites that must be studied at high school before being accepted into a university course. Look closely at the University of Sydney, as they have recently changed many of their courses and requirements regarding the need to study 2 unit Mathematics.

Download the attached booklet below


THS Science

THS Science is pleased to announce it's new webpage.
Click Here to see this exciting new webpage or go to THS Website/Why Turramurra/Science

Inside Out Movie

Inside Out at Turramurra High School


Turramurra High School presents our innovative learning space "Inside Out". This movie follows the journey from dream to reality and shows the possibility of transforming traditional spaces for future-focused learning! Talin and Gemma's Filmpond editor was Jeremy Krause

Click on the Read More to open the link. Enjoy


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InSITE - Movie

InSITE - Reimagining Initial Teacher Education at Turramurra HS


Turramurra High School and UTS are partnering in an exciting project to reimagine initial teacher education. The InSITE project provides new opportunities to transform the future of teaching in NSW. Stephanie's Filmpond editor was Max Gillon

Please click on - Read More to see our great short movie on InSite

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Community Notices

Macquarie University - Social anxiety in youth: information evening - 26/7/17 6pm

The Centre for Emotional Health in partnership with Rotary Club of North Ryde* is pleased to present a FREE community information evening for parents, carers, school counsellors and teachers on dealing with social anxiety in youth.

Around 2-3 % of Australian youth (4-18 years) suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder – a fear or worry about other people’s evaluations to such an extent that it stops them from easily making friends, talking to people or being the centre of attention.

In this informative session Distinguished Professor Ron Rapee will discuss:

  • Ways to identify social anxiety disorder in young people
  • How social anxiety can affect children
  • Tips to manage social anxiety in youth
  • Available treatment options for children offered through the Centre for Emotional Health Clinic

Click here for all the information

Kissing Point Angels Baseball Club

Kissing Point Angels Baseball Club is hosting it's annual Try Baseball days on 22 July and 30 July for local families with children aged 5 - 18. Download the attached document for all the information


Macquarie University - Overcoming procrastination in adolescence: information evening - 3/8/17

The Centre for Emotional Health in partnership with the Rotary Club of North Ryde* is pleased to present a FREE community information evening for parents, carers, and teenagers on dealing with academic procrastination in youth.

Stress around academic performance is very common during adolescence as pressures at school escalate. Increased stress has been shown to be related to worry and procrastination around school work, and reduced self-esteem around work output.

Click Here to read on

Tuning into Teens - Brookvale 31/7 to 28/8/17



Would you like to learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively with your teenager?
  • Understand your teenager?
  • Help your teenager with emotional intelligence and managing emotions?
  • Prevent some teenager behaviour problems?
  • Teach your teenager to deal with conflict?

Download the attached flyer for all the information.


Tuning into Teens - Chatswood 17/8 to 14/9/17



Would you like to learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively with your teenager?
  • Understand your teenager?
  • Help your teenager with emotional intelligence and managing emotions?
  • Prevent some teenager behaviour problems?
  • Teach your teenager to deal with conflict?

Download the attached flyer for all the information.


Homestay for International Students Wanted

Dear Turramurra High School parents and staff,
Did you know that we have international students that attend our school? These international students are placed in a homestay arrangements for the duration of their schooling in Australia. We typically accept students who are in year 10, 11 and 12. We are currently short of home stay providers within our area. We would love to see more THS parents hosting our international students. If you are interested in the opportunity to host an international student please see the information attached. Please contact the company directly to express your interest.