Deputy Principals

David Arblaster 

As Deputy Principal and a Mathematics teacher at Turramurra High School, I enjoy the many and varied opportunities that I have each day to interact with students and their families. Our school is a great place to come to each day.

The staff are a terrific team of enthusiastic, dedicated professionals with whom I thoroughly enjoy working. Our students display many talents and are a constant source of inspiration as they strive for success in academic, sporting, creative and performing arts and many other pursuits.  I am regularly inspired by news of student achievements as well as by the many students who serve the community in various ways.

The role of deputy principal allows me to work closely with many teachers and students. I love seeing the things that can be achieved when students and teachers work together towards common goals, both in the classroom and in the vast array of extra-curricular opportunities that Turramurra High School provides.


Melissa Sharman

As Deputy Principal and as a nationally certified Lead Teacher, I strongly believe in the value of education and the ability of every teacher to have a positive impact on the lives of the young people they teach. Turramurra High School is a place where this philosophy has been embraced, as every day we, as a collective of staff and students, challenge ourselves and those we work with to achieve their best.

Whether it is in teaching Science, or in working with students through wellbeing programs, in celebrating student academic success or in being part of the many extra-curricular activities available, I feel privileged to be part of the learning journey of students here. There is a shared vision for empowering students to be respectful and responsible citizens and the leaders and creators of tomorrow.

Being part of a vibrant community, I enjoy working with parents, carers and other agencies to provide a full range of opportunities and services and am encouraged by the willingness of all parties to work together to improve outcomes for all our young people. The forward thinking approach of Turramurra High School fosters collaboration and critical thinking, always seeking to meet the needs and aspirations of the students in this time of fast paced innovation and change.