Gifted & Talented Placement Year 7 2018 - NOW CLOSED

Turramurra High School aims to identify gifted and talented students and to maximise their learning outcomes. Giftedness refers to potential distinctly beyond the average for the student's age and encompasses a broad range of abilities in the intellectual, creative, socio-emotional and physical domains. Talent denotes achievement distinctly beyond the average for a student's age as a result of application to training and practice.

Students are placed in a Gifted and Talented class at Turramurra High School based on overall merit. Students sit the higher ablility HAST suite of tests and this informs our placement. The makeup of classes will be based upon the outcomes of this assessment and other relevant information, focussing on the capabilities of students in the intellectual and creative domains. Other school based programs are designed to cater for the gifts and talents of students in other areas.

Procedure Academic Gifted and Talented Student Placement Year 7 2018 - NOW CLOSED:

Testing will be conducted for students enrolled to attend Turramurra High School on 29 August 2017. Information will be emailed to parents following receipt of enrolment papers for your consideration to apply for testing and potential placement. Emails will be sent out at the beginning of Term 3 2017.

Please note that this test is only for enrolled students starting Year 7 in 2018 at Turramurra High School.
Cut off date for applications is 8 August 2017 - NOW CLOSED
If there are any queries regarding the above please contact Ms Sharman DP.