Year 12

Turramurra High School students continue to gain exceptional HSC results and over 95% of our students are successful in gaining the university placement of their choice.

Our Year 12 students are nurtured and supported through every step of their final school year. We believe in the importance of a balanced and holistic approach to the education of every student and ensure that they receive high quality resources and information on every HSC course.

Students leave Turramurra High School with fond memories of their teachers and with lasting friendships. They leave with a broad range of skills and experiences and a plethora of choices ahead of them.

Some comments from our graduating Year 12 students include:

“The professionalism of the staff and their constant willingness to help with anything makes Turramurra High School a great school. The many opportunities for student leadership and to participate in school life ensures that there is something for everyone”

“Teachers do all they can to help us with whatever we need, especially approaching the HSC.”

“My teachers are exceptional - especially in terms of the help they gave me in my senior years.”

“The schools band program is excellent, I love every minute of it. Also, my teachers have just been such a great help over the past couple years, so supportive and always trying to encourage us.”

“The whole school environment is fantastic because I believe the whole school, teachers and students are very welcoming and friendly. The students are good-natured and inclusive of everyone.”

“Definitely a welcoming school.”

"Other students are supportive and have shared values and morals. They look out for each other and provide a secure friendship and support base for each other. No bullying. Dedicated staff members.”

“Fantastic school - people who send their kids to private schools mustn't have any idea how superior local, co-ed, comprehensive schools can be. Wouldn't swap my education at Turramurra for anything.”

“Have had an overall excellent experience at school, made some wonderful friends, met some great teachers/mentors and have had great opportunities with the band program and music department. Built a good educational and social base upon which I can continue to grow.”

“Overall I've had a great high school experience and it really is a good school.”

NESA (Formerly Board of Studies) or Contact Ms Arrigo - THS

2018 HSC Timetable - TBC

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