The study of English encourages students towards personal excellence in the use of the English language.  The English teachers at Turramurra High School are committed to addressing the cognitive, social and emotional needs of all students in the school. For that reason we are active in all areas of school life. We believe that English should not only concern itself with the development of skills in reading, writing, listening, viewing and speaking, but should also equip young people with the skills they need in order to articulate and reflect upon their concerns, their fears, their beliefs and their position in the world. We believe that English is vitally concerned with the development of the personality and accordingly we have designed challenging programs for our students.

Students at Turramurra High School engage with and develop a love of language through their study of English.

Our inspiring and creative English staff open up the world of language and learning enabling students to confidently communicate.

A passion for literature is developed In students throughout their school lives. Their love and appreciation of poetry and prose enables them to grow as individuals and develop a perspective for life.

Throughout their time at Turramurra High School, students study many genres. Film and media studies complement the study of Shakespearean texts within our English program.