Enrolment Policy

Turramurra High School is a coeducational school that offers personalised attention and a wide range of curriculum choices. The professional staff work to assist students to realise that the world is a place of rapid technological and social change where lifelong learning is essential.

We aim to create lifelong learners who will be able to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

All applicants will be subject to a risk assessment and where appropriate, interviewed prior to confirmation of enrolment.

Local Enrolment

local enrolment is a student whose permanent residence is situated within the designated local enrolment area. The Turramurra High School catchment area is available by contacting the school. Students of NSW primary schools have their ERN data automatically processed onto the Turramurra High School's tracking sheet.

A local enrolment from a non-government school should apply to the school for registration.

  • The school will seek evidence demonstrating local resident status through the provision of current original documents:
  • Property ownership or tenancy documents in the name of the applicant's parent(s), e.g. rate notice or tenancy agreement.

In the case of a tenancy agreement, it is the school's expectation that families demonstrate a commitment to a local area residence through provision of a tenancy agreement of twelve months or more.

  • Three utility account statements, one of which MUST be an electricity statement. Others may include water, telephone, gas, etc. All documents MUST display the name and local address of the applicant's parent(s).

Other arrangementsIf an applicant wishes to apply for local enrolment but is living in an arrangement which is outside of those listed above, or where the required documentation cannot be produced, an offer of enrolment cannot be guaranteed.

In such cases, additional documentation may be requested including a statutory declaration which clearly explains the living arrangements of the applicant and indicates a commitment to the local area. These applications will be considered on an individual case basis and are subject to available places and the Principal’s approval

Note: Special arrangements apply for students on accredited exchange programs.

  • Visa status of non-Australian citizens will be checked in regards to fees to be paid to the government (Temporary Resident Visa Unit).
  • Guardianship arrangements for an enrolling student will need to be confirmed with the school by the student's parent(s).

Non-Local Enrolment

non-local enrolment is a student whose permanent residence does not fall within the designated local enrolment area.

  • Parents or guardians living outside the school's designated local area may apply to enrol their child/children at the school. 
  • Places for non-local applicants will be considered in the light of the whole-school and each academic year's enrolment figures, given:
  • the number of teaching spaces available, and
  • that sufficient buffers be left to accommodate possible new local enrolments throughout the school year.
  • Where appropriate, applications from prospective non-local students are to be considered by the School Placement Panel which consists of the principal, a staff member (in-charge of enrolments) and a parent representative.
  • Non-local enrolment applications will be considered with reference to each applicant's residential address and the following criteria:
  • Siblings already enrolled at the school
  • Availability of subjects and combinations of subjects
  • Special interests and abilities
  • Compassionate circumstances
  • Medical reasons
  • Proximity and access to the school
  • Structure and organisation of the school.

NOTE:  Satisfying one or more of the above criteria does not guarantee enrolment.

Offers of enrolment to non-local applicants may only be made when places are available. Applicants who satisfy one or more of the above non-local enrolment criteria will not be made an offer of enrolment if places are not available.

An offer of enrolment is not guaranteed to siblings of students who have gained enrolment via the Gifted and Talented program.

  • Non-local applicants who are made an offer of enrolment will be required to complete and submit the form Application to enrol in a NSW government school prior to their enrolment being finalised and commencement of attendance at school.
  • Waiting lists for each academic year may only be established if there are realistic expectations of places becoming available for non-local applicants.


Where a parent or guardian wishes to appeal against the decision of the placement panel, the appeal should be made in writing to the principal. The principal will seek to resolve the matter. If the matter is not resolved, the school education director will consider the appeal and make a determination. The school education director will consult with the principal and school community, as necessary. The purpose of the appeal is to determine whether the stated criteria have been applied fairly.

International Fee Paying Students

International fee paying students may apply for enrolment at Turramurra High School. Their applications must be made using the NSW Government Schools International Student Application Form, through the International Students Centre. The centre is responsible for the verification of the status of these students. The school will consider these applications in light of the availability of places.

Temporary Visa Holders/Interstate/Refugee

These students may apply for enrolment at Turramurra High School. They should apply directly to the school and submit their application with proof of address, passport/citizenship and identity. They will need to book an interview with the enrolment officer who will assess their application. ATE forms will be processed where applicable.