Inside Out Project

Project description:

'Inside Out' aims to bring the whole community together to create an innovative and inspirational outdoor learning environment at Turramurra High School. We want to build an outdoor learning area that is stimulating and engaging and which creates spaces for students to work individually as well as collaboratively. This involves the major excavation of an area in the school grounds, followed by the building of a number of features including a sandstone amphitheatre, outdoor kitchen, seating areas for groups and for quiet reflection, an outdoor chess board, a vegetable garden and other garden beds with mass plantings of native plants and grasses. The area could accommodate up to 90 students at one time and would be available to all subject areas.

Primary objectives and needs of the community to be targeted:

 ‘Inside Out’ is literally about taking the classroom outside but metaphorically, it is also about turning our ideas of traditional teaching and learning ‘Inside Out’.

Turramurra High School is the local school for over 1200 students in the Turramurra area. Our students, staff and parents are actively involved in the local community and the ‘Inside Out’ project also aims to harness and celebrate the connection between school and community.

We would like to involve our past, present and future school community in this project. It is for the benefit of our school and wider community. The key benefits include:

  • Opportunities for local community groups to become involved in the school and for students to learn from these groups and individuals in building ‘Inside Out’.
  • Opportunity for students, parents, teachers and members of the community to work together to raise funds, build and use the area for learning.
  • In a culture which breeds individualism, this project fosters an understanding and experience  for students of what it means to be part of a local community and to collaborate.
  • It will enable students, staff, parents and community members to “make their mark” on the school for posterity and as a legacy for future generations to celebrate

Community groups/Community members who will benefit:

  • Students, staff and parents of Turramurra High School
  • Men’s Shed
  • Turramurra Community Garden
  • Turramurra Community Bank
  • Ku-ring-gai Council
  • Other local businesses or community groups who  may wish to become involved in the project.


Inside Out at Turramurra High School


Turramurra High School presents our innovative learning space "Inside Out". This movie follows the journey from dream to reality and shows the possibility of transforming traditional spaces for future-focused learning! Talin and Gemma's Filmpond editor was Jeremy Krause

Inside Out - Movie 

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