At Turramurra High School we ensure support for all our students by offering the full range of courses. Although in Year 7 students are in core classes, we ensure the right support is provided for all students through well thought out lesson plans. Online tools such as MathsOnline and Mathspace are utilised to support and extend all students across the school. In Year 8 students are partially streamed based on their abilities. This provides the opportunity to extend our mathematically exceptional students while providing better and a more direct support to those students who need it.

In Stage 5 we run four courses. The 5.3 course provides the opportunity for students to develop the mathematical skills needed for the higher level courses of Advanced Mathematics, Extension 1 and Extension 2 in Year 12. The 5.2+ course is a modified 5.3 course, designed for those students who need a little more time to absorb the content of the 5.3 course. This allows these students to enrol in the Stage 6 Advanced course if they choose. The 5.2 course, while comprehensive, prepares students for the Standard mathematics course.  Finally, 5.1 course is for those students who do not need the higher level of mathematical knowledge. This course provides the practical numerical skills needed in our everyday life.

In Stage 6, we offer the complete range of courses available including one accelerated class for students who have exceptional mathematical ability and a love for the mathematics discipline. These students sit for the Advanced HSC exam at the end of Year 11 and then continue onto Extension 2 Mathematics in Year 12.  Although students can nominate themselves to be considered for this class, it is formed by invitation only. Our Year 12 students consistently achieve exceptional results with majority of Extension 1 and 2 students achieving bands 5 or 6. Our Mathematics Standard 2 (previously Mathematics General) results are above state average with a significant number of students achieving bands 5 or 6. At Turramurra High School, between 10 and 15 percent of our students complete Extension 2 Mathematics, with approximately 25% completing the Extension 1 course and a further 25% completing the Advance course. Our students consistently excel in their courses and we are proud of their achievements.

We also provide various enrichment activities such as excursions, incursions and visit by professionals in various industries. We provide support for our students through homework club on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Library until 4pm. The mathematics faculty’s vision is to provide a supportive and harmonious environment which promotes the development of engaged, motivated and resilient learners with an intrinsic desire to learn. We are a faculty of educators with a passion for mathematics education and a desire to be a positive and effective participants in the educational growth of our students.