Positive Behaviour Engaging Learners

PBEL provides staff and students at Turramurra High School with a positive, proactive system for defining, teaching and supporting appropriate student behaviours.

Three core behavioural expectations are taught to all students through formal social skills instruction often undertaken within the Pastoral Care program. These expectations are applied across all areas of the school. They are; RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and ASPIRATION. In understanding what these expectations are, how they apply to all areas of the school, and the clear consequences of not following these ‘rules’, students are empowered to regulate their own behaviour. In order to promote positive behaviour, students are rewarded regularly through “TURRA’s” and acknowledged through the school merit system and assemblies.

PBEL increases student engagement and learning by promoting ‘on-task’ behaviours and decreasing distractions in the learning environment. The result at Turramurra High is an enhancement of our already positive school environment. Student academic and social outcomes are improved through increased teaching time and consistent expectations of behaviour.

PBEL at Turramurra High School assists our staff in the delivering high quality learning programs and maintaining high levels of behavioural and academic learning outcomes for all students.

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