Secure Your Enrolment

For Year 7 Students:

The transition from Primary School to High school is an important time in every student’s life and we have numerous steps in place to ensure that this process occurs smoothly.

In all NSW Public schools, the process commences at your child’s Primary School where you will be issued with an Expression of Interest form in term 1 of the year that you child enters year 6. This form allows you to nominate your first three choices of high school for your child.

This information is communicated electronically to the High School which you nominate as your first choice at the start of term 2 each year. At Turramurra High School, we process these expressions of interest and, based on our enrolment policy, will make first round offers of enrolment to our local and some non-local students. These first round offers are usually made by the end of May.

If you do not receive a first round offer, your expression of interest form will be forwarded to your choice 2 school. The process of round 2 offers will begin in June. The same process occurs for round 3 and offers will be made at the beginning of Term 3.

Further information on the Procedures for Secondary School Enrolment can be found on the Department of Education website.