Student Attendance Inc Extended Long Leave Application

Please note that there have been some significant changes to the DEC Compulsory School Attendance policy. Please find below an information sheet to this email. The main changes are in relation to requests for exemption from school for family holidays during term time. This practice is not advisable but with the changes to the policy, there are significant implications for your child's learning.
"As part of the implementation of the National Standards, holidays taken by students outside of school vacation periods will now be included as absences. A Certificate of Exemption can no longer be granted for this purpose" (from School Attendance register codes document).
The absence will appear on a student's report which it has not been done previously. It will also affect a student's attendance percentage.
Secondly, and perhaps more significantly, a teacher cannot be asked to provide work for a student for any absence other than sick leave or school business. If a student misses an assessment task or exam, there may also be other significant implications for their progress and marks.


If you require any additional information on these changes, please contact the school and speak to Mrs Lucas (Rolls Officer) or Mrs McConnell (Principal).

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