Student Devices

This page contains information for parents, carers and students on suitable devices, DEC policy, purchasing options and support resources. It will continue to be updated as more information is made available.

DEC Student Bring Your Own Device Policy (pdf)

Essential Information
THS Device Specification (attached below) This document provides important information on the types of devices that students are able to bring to school. Parents are encouraged to take this document with them when making any purchases.

THS Device Use Agreement (please see related documents below) This document outlines the conditions under which students are to use all electronic devices while on school grounds.

Wireless Adaptors for 2.4GHz and non-dual band laptops
The wireless networks at all DEC schools operate on the 802.11n 5GHz standard. This means that some laptops with 2.4GHz wireless adapters are not able to connect to the school's wireless network.. A good solution is to use a small USB wireless adapter which will allow the student device to connect to the DEC wireless network. Please label adaptors with the student’s name to reduce loss.The following tested and widely available adaptor (available from Officeworks) is recommended: D-Link Wireless N600 Dual Band USB Adaptor Model: DWA-171.

Low-cost and free software licences
Students can access a range of software applications for installation on their own devices at low or zero cost. Currently, this includes Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac, Adobe Creative Suite and a selection of specialist software. Students can download licensed software from the Student Portal under Learning on the left-hand side of the page.. Please note that the license is limited to one installation per student.

Wireless configuration guides - please see related documents below

Supplier purchasing portals
The DEC has negotiated preferential pricing with following suppliers for devices that meet the minimum specifications. Turramurra High School makes no recommendation towards any suppliers.

Downloading Software for Student Devices

Insuring your Device
While the Department of Education or School Insurance policies do not cover devices, we have provided some links below where you can find information from Money Smart on the options available for insuring personal devices and laptops as well as two Australian based agencies which may be able to assist you.

Please note: Turramurra High School does not endorse or recommend using the provided agencies. This is for your INFORMATION ONLY.‚Äč


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